Electronic Room Reservation Interface

Electronic Room Reservation Interface (ERRI) is a software solution designed with the latest available technologies to manage and to control room reservation by means of physical access controls.

As an add-on to L-Intelligent Access, the Electronic Room Reservation Interface can manage reservation to multiple rooms with either entry or entry & exit access control readers


Multiple authorized persons will be given temporary entry and exit access to the room automatically within the reservation time. When the reservation time is expired, the system will automatically remove the entry access to the room.

Designed with today’s standard as web application, the basic user interface requires nothing but web browser to operate. It can be accessed from regular PC workstation, laptop, smartphone and tablet running on top of various operating systems. By using just web browser application, a room reservation operator can easily reserve and manage room reservation in real-time.

Electronic Room Reservation Interface also supports room reservation by email. Room reservation by email is recommended when email address is also stored in authorized person data.

The application can also trigger output relay on access control system on the start and finish time of the reservation. This feature can be used for example to turn on / off lights or other electronic devices in sync with room reservation time.

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