Electronic Visitor Application

In many buildings and premises, visitors are still registered using a handwritten log book. In a way, this method is quick and very easy to implement without requiring much effort to educate both receptionists and visitors. However, this method provides no security, hard to trace, and provides no privacy for visitor’s information because the log book can be easily accessed by anyone.

Electronic Visitor Management (EVA) is a software solution designed using the latest available technologies to register and to manage visitor electronically. Electronic Visitor Application can be run in standalone mode, which is very similar to log book but in an electronic form. It can also be run as add-on to the L-Intelligent Access Control System which enables visitor automatically to gain entry into permissible access control areas.


Designed with today’s standard as web application, the basic user interface requires nothing but web browser to operate. It can be accessed from regular PC workstation, laptop, smartphone and tablet running on top of various operating systems.

L-Intelligent Access capable of managing networked access control VertX and Edge hardware by HID Global.

Any visitors who are registered through Electronic Visitor Application can be assigned access card and automatically be assigned predefined access levels to a single or multiple areas which are controlled by access control system.

It also possible to assign a single or multiple floors on elevator system which are controlled by L-Intelligent Access Control system.

The more advanced version on Microsoft Windows PC workstation or laptop can be connected to other devices such as camera, passport scanner with optical character recognition support, fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, and badge printer.

The optical character recognition algorithm can automatically collect information from visitor ID cards, driver licenses and passports.

The system is able to check-out visitors automatically when visit time expired. Visit time limit can be set based on duration of a visit. The time limit also can be set to the exact hour and minute on the same day.

The system has a built-in report module to generate visitor and visit information which can be saved as PDF, XLS and CSV format. Custom report module can also be added if required. It also has built-in scheduler to email multiple reports to multiple email addresses on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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