Electronic Visitor Application KIOSK

EVA KIOSK is one part of Electronic Visitor Application (EVA) which delivers convenient and easy to use self-service visitor registration. EVA KIOSK comes in a modern interactive kiosk with 17-inch touch screen display to guide visitor through a simple registration process step-by-step.


Depending on end-user requirement, EVA KIOSK can be equipped with:

  • Built-in camera to take photo
  • Identification document scanner with OCR capability
  • QR Code reader to read 1D1D/2D barcode on paper or mobile phone screen
  • Fingerprint biometric scanner
  • QR Code printer
  • RFID access card dispenser
  • HID Mobile Access

EVA KIOSK can be integrated with access control system (L-Intelligent Access) to give visitor access to specific access-controlled doors, gates, turnstiles and elevators by using various authentication mechanisms:

  • RFID access card
  • QR Code
  • Face recognition
  • HID Mobile Access
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