Biometrics - HID Lumidigm

Lumidigm® biometric authentication solutions from HID Global bring multispectral imaging technology to any identity application where knowing “who” matters.

Renowned industry-wide for superior biometric performance, Lumidigm® fingerprint sensors are used to authenticate bank customers at ATMs, secure busy international borders, prevent ticket fraud at entertainment facilities, and ensure public goods and services reach the intended recipients.

HID Global’s Lumidigm® multispectral imaging technology is designed from ground up to provide:
  • Superior biometrics performance in real world environments, irrespective of race, gender, age or physical conditions
  • World class liveness detection, spoof prevention and proof of life
  • The highest level of tamper proofing and data encryption for data integrity
Lumidigm V-Series Sensors
  • Secure, convenient, and reliable
  • Unaffected by operating conditions
  • Multispectral imaging technology
  • Superior liveness detection
Lumidigm M-Series Sensors
  • Fast, accurate and reliable
  • Anyone can enroll and use
  • Streamlines authorized access
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