Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is a world-leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Milestone XProtect® VMS is powerful, reliable, easy to use and proven in more than 100,000 installations worldwide. Based on a true open platform, XProtect VMS enables integration with the industry’s widest choice in cameras and best-in-class business solutions, such as access control and video analytics.


We have successfully integrated our L-Intelligent Access HID VertX and EDGE networked access control solution with Milestone XProtect® VMS.

Our custom Milestone XProtect® VMS access control plugin provides tight integration which enables customer to:
  • Put access control objects (access control reader, input status and relay output) and their real-time status into Milestone VMS smart client’s map
  • Use Milestone VMS smart client’s map application to take control of the access (for example: open door, lock/unlock door, grant access, turn on/off relay) directly on the map
  • Link access control event (for example: grant access, deny access, door forced open, door held open) with event, live camera, and recording from Milestone VMS system
  • Manage access control integration directly from Milestone VMS management application
The Milestone XProtect® VMS access control plugin already tested and proven to work with:
  • XProtect Professional & Corporate 2016
  • XProtect Professional & Corporate 2016R3
  • XProtect Professional & Corporate 2017R1
Screenshot Milestone XProtect® Management Client with L-Intelligent Access Integration

Screenshot Milestone XProtect® Smart Client with L-Intelligent Access Integration
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