Safran Identity & Security (formerly known as Morpho) is a global leader in security and identity solutions, deploying solutions in more than 100 countries.

Backed by more than 40 years of experience in biometrics, Safran Identity & Security develops innovative technologies for a wide range of markets and applications for people, governments and business.


Safran Identity & Security biometric terminals encompassing fingerprint, multimodal vein & print, facial recognition and contactless technologies, is backed by a solid experience across industries.

  • Touchless Biometric Terminals
  • Fingerprint Terminals
  • Facial Terminals
  • Vein & Print Terminals

Safran Identity & security desktop biometric sensors are designed for multiple applications like population registration, customer acquisition, logical access control and secure payment solutions.

  • Touchless Biometric Desktop Devices
  • Fingerprint Desktop Devices
  • Vein & Print Desktop Devices
  • Mobile Biometric Terminals
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