Network Intelligent Controller Unit, also known as Network ICU, is a microcontroller based last-mile electronic communication device.

The Network ICU supports off-the-shelf USB GPRS/3G/LTE data modem. It can use the USB data modem to automatically connect to the internet.


The Network ICU is capable of initiating two-way TCP/IP communication with a central monitoring station protected by strong encryption algorithm without the need of public IP address because most of GSM data provider do not provide static public IP address.

Our designed Network ICU is capable of connecting network enabled devices, for example:
  • Accessing live view and recording from CCTV Digital Video Recorder from central monitoring station
  • Accessing many PCs or Laptops remotely from one central location

It can also be used to collect sensor data from many remote locations and sends this collected data back to central monitoring in real time.

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