Paradox Alarm System is a manufacturer of security alarm panel and accessories. It was founded in 1989 with its headquarters in Canada.

Paradox Alarm System has several security alarm panel series: Spectra, Magellan and EVO.


Spectra offers a combination of innovative features and an advanced communication bus for a unique expandable security system. Through its communication bus, Spectra can be expanded via wireless and hardwired expansion modules and a variety of accessory modules. With its reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, Spectra is an ideal security system for any residential or commercial installations that require up to 32 zones of protection.

The Magellan line provides two-way wireless security systems which offer a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation and attractive consumer features for any residential or small commercial installation.

Digiplex and Digiplex EVO systems provide the highest level of protection for banks, high-security military and government sites, luxurious residential homes and any place where maximum security is essential. These systems are designed to be easy to use and the modular concept of these systems provides installers with labor-saving features that make expanding, installing and servicing these systems quick and convenient.

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