Smart Card Collector

A card collector is a device to automatically collect cards, in this case RFID access cards, when they are not being used anymore.

PT. Lievee Ciptatama Indonesia has successfully designed smart card collector. We designed the smart collector from the stainless steel tube to the mechanic of collecting, rejecting and storing collected RFID access cards inside the tube.

Card Collector
Smart card collector adds intelligent to regular card collector so it can collect RFID access cards by a certain predefined rules, for example:
  • Only collect RFID access cards on a scheduled time period, otherwise reject and return the card immediately
  • Only collect visitor RFID access cards but not tenant cards
  • Only collect RFID access cards from certain access control area or access control group

The smart card collector is tightly integrated with our HID VertX and EDGE access control solution, it can be directly controlled and send real-time feedback to our access control and visitor management software (L-Intelligent Access and Electronic Visitor Application).

We have successfully commissioned one type of our smart card collector to one of busiest commercial building in Indonesia. It collects visitors’ RFID access card when they are about to leave the building. After successfully collecting visitors’ RFID access card, the smart card collector automatically opens barrier gate and check-out the visitor. The smart card collector is very robust as it has collected RFID access cards from thousands of visitor each day.

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