Visage Engine Face Detection & Identification Engine

Visage Engine (VE) is a biometric engine capable of detecting, identifying and verifying a person based on the person’s face image on digital photo or digital video frame from various video sources. VE combines the latest face detection and recognition technology based on machine learning and computer vision.

As a biometric engine, VE is hardware independent and brand agnostic. VE is capable of using digital photo, video stream from any network surveillance camera, surveillance recorder and web camera for data source.


As a part of bigger solution, VE can be integrated with other system such as security access control, visitor management, human resource, retail & commerce, and smart city. VE can also be customized to run on a small embedded arm-based hardware to a large cloud computing system.

Electronic Room Reservation Interface also supports room reservation by email. Room reservation by email is recommended when email address is also stored in authorized person data.

The application can also trigger output relay on access control system on the start and finish time of the reservation. This feature can be used for example to turn on / off lights or other electronic devices in sync with room reservation time.

  • Face Orientation

VE is capable of detecting and identifying frontal face with varying orientation from 60° side-to-side, 45° rotation and 10° top-bottom.

  • Non-ideal Face Image Condition

VE is also capable of detecting and identifying non-ideal face image condition. It works exceptionally well under infrared lighting. It also works with acceptable degree of success in poor lighting condition. VE still responds reasonably well on face with accessories such as reading glasses and sunglasses. VE can still successfully identify small face image with less than 40 by 40 pixels.

  • Integration With Access Control

VE has built-in access control integration with L-Intelligent Access (LIA). VE can trigger access control event in LIA based on face identification. Ideally, a positive identification will be set to trigger Grant Access event in access control.

Grant access event can be linked to a single or multiple access control actions, for example from opening a gate or a door to assigning a certain floor on elevator. When connected to supported smart elevator, a positive face identification from VE can be set to trigger personalized automated elevator call.

  • Multifactor Authentication

Face identification from VE can be combined with other identification methods to provide higher security level. When integrated with L-Intelligent Access (LIA), face identification from VE can easily be combined with RFID card/tag, PIN combination, QR code, fingerprint biometric and mobile id.

  • Multiplatform

Based on the size of user’s requirement, VE can be tailored to run on a single or networked distributed PC-based VE servers. It is also possible to put VE on cloud so it can be used across intranet or internet.

The smallest VE configuration can run on embedded ARM hardware. It is capable of processing a single channel of video input for face detection and recognition. The embedded VE can also be customized with a built-in camera and LCD display.

  • Customizable Trigger and Action Engine

Every individual person in face database has their own customizable action when identified by VE.

Based on the trigger and action engine, user can easily create a set of positive action when a group of people is identified, also known as whitelist. On the other hand, user can also create blacklist containing set of negative action when a group of people is identified. Trigger and action engine can also be set when VE detects unidentified face.


VE internally maintains face database that relates face identification with person. There are several options for VE to obtain face identification from person.

  • Upload Digital Photo

Using VE web-based user interface, administrator can upload digital photo containing face image to be added into VE face database

  • Photo From Access Control

With built-in integration with L-Intelligent Access (LIA) access control, VE engine is capable of automatically using credential owner photo in access control as face database.

  • Visitor Management System

Electronic Visitor Application (EVA) is a visitor management software with built-in integration with L-Intelligent Access (LIA) access control software. EVA is capable of taking visitor photo using a connected web camera. Once the visitor is registered in EVA, his/her photo will be automatically sent to LIA and registered in VE face database.

  • Electronic KIOSK

Electronic KIOSK is unmanned visitor registration electronic terminal. When a visitor self-registered, KIOSK will take his/her face photo and automatically sent to LIA and registered in VE face database.

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